domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

Nada como uma comédia romântica açucarada ao lado da filha em uma manhã de domingo: All 11 Songs from the "Love Happens" Soundtrack

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There are 11 songs in the Love Happens soundtrack, including The Eels, The Postal Service and Rogue Wave. The downloads for all of them are here.
I have not seen this movie yet. Frankly, I had forgotten about it until I visited Box Office Mojo to see what was being released today. It has not gotten all that much buzz. But to tell you the truth, I have been listening to the music from the movie all morning, and it is brilliant.

I was drawn in by Badly Drawn Boy. The soundtrack to About a Boy is still a classic in my mind. But combine them with The Eels, The Postal Service and Rogue Wave, and now you are talking. But not just any ordinary Rogue Wave song, we’re talking a cover of Buddy Holly’s Everyday (plus Lake Michigan). The soundtrack also takes you back a bit – to John Hiatt singing Have a Little Faith in Me. Classic.

This soundtrack has romantic comedy written all over it. In fact, the soundtrack to Love Happens is a bit derivative. Dream is from Bride Wars, Fresh Feeling is from Failure to Launch and IO was in Elizabethtown, (plus Everyday is from Stubbs the Zombie). Still, it is damn good. Light, subdued, a bit poppy and good. Just what I needed for a muted morning in DC.

Original music for Love Happens – Christopher Young


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