domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Sci-Fi Fantasy journey - O melhor filme de animação disponível na WEB para seu repasto matinal de domingo: EATLIZ

Eatliz - Hey animation music video
Enviado por Eatliz_Animation

Sci-Fi Fantasy journey of a little girl with a special pet friend, a huge toad. Once the girl loses her pet, which drifts in the sky in a form of a balloon, she is going throught different adventurous scenarios by chasing it. This is a full 3D animation music video for the song 'Hey' by Eatliz band. Hey music video utilizes 128 shots in 03:26 minutes, and although it is an independent production, it follows the same production principles used in today’s major CG studios. Find free wallpapers, credits and more at Hey official website (

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