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GUITARRA MODERNA Lesson I Trilha sonora de uma viagem de Veneza para Bari e depois ao Oriente Turco atravessando o Bósforo, a great italian guitar player: Ignazio Di Salvo - 'The Rules of Serendipity'

Ignazio Di Salvo was born in Agrigento in 1985. He started playing classical guitar by the age of 9. Next he discovered his passion for rock and jazz. At the age of 16 he composed his first instrumental demo "Where do the toughts come from?" and was acclaimed as young talented rock guitar player on many music reviews and magazines.
(Top Demo on Metal Shock, Chitarre, Raw&Wild, Metal Hammer)
  • December 2013: Master's Degree in Jazz Music, Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria (Italy)

  • October 2010-present: Master's Degree in Jazz Music, Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria (Italy).
    Graduation scheduled for December 2013.

  • July 2013: Second level Jazz Diploma, gained after 2 years of studies at Milan International Music
    Academy (Scuola Civica di Jazz Milano).

  • July 2010: First level Jazz Diploma, gained after 3 years of studies at Milan International Music
    Academy (Scuola Civica di Jazz Milano).

  • January 2009: Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Luigi Bocconi University in Milan.
    Dissertation: Development strategies for niche artistic products. The EGEA case and Italian Jazz.

  • July 2004: High School Diploma, Scientific Studies.

  • September 2002: Conservatory Diploma in Classical Guitar and Performance ("Compimento inferiore"
    gained after 5 years of studies) at Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory in Caltanissetta, Italy.
  • 10th of March 2013 : MMI workshop with Frank Gambale, Milan (Italy).

  • 21th to 31th of August 2012: Nuoro Jazz Clinic with Tomaso Lama, Nuoro (Italy).

  • 24th to 29th of July 2012: Piazza Jazz with Umberto Fiorentino, Piazza Armerina (Italy).

  • 7th to 19th of July 2009: Berklee Umbria Jazz International Clinics, Perugia (Italy).

  • 24th of July 2002 to 7th of August 2002: Siena Jazz International Clinics, Siena (Italy).
Work Experience
  • February 2013: Guitarist for the Peugeot 208 GTI spot commercial. The advert will be shown on TV,
    on radio, in cinemas and on the web, all over the world for two years.

  • January 2012 – present: Guitar performer and composer forwww.jamtrackcentral.com.

  • From July 2013: Columnist for the Italian guitar magazine "Guitar Club".

  • February 2013: Performance and demonstrations for brands Essetipicks and M-Picks at Frankfurt
    Musikmesse 2013.

  • January 2010 – present: Working as a studio session-man and performer for many different musical
    projects in Rock, Jazz, Blues and Pop Music.

  • March to May 2009 – Internship in U.E.C.A. (United European Culture Association).
Teaching Experience
  • September 2010 – present: Founder and director of Modern Music Institute in Milan. I teach guitar,
    music theory and harmony.

  • September 2010 – June 2011: Teaching guitar in primary schools.

  • February 2009 – present: Private guitar teacher (Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Pop), Musical Theory,

  • December 2010 to present: Master classes about modern rock techniques and jazz improvisation at
    Modern Music Institute in Milan.
Prizes and Awards
  • August 2012: Award and scholarship as best student at Nuoro Jazz International Clinics in Nuoro

  • June 2012: Second place as best emerging guitar player at A.D.G.P.A (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Player
    Association) international jazz and acoustic guitar competition in Pieve Di Soligo, Treviso (Italy).

  • December 2011: One of 11 finalists from more than 1030 guitar players from all over the world at
    Guitar Idol International Competition in London. My song called "A Night of Change" has been
    announced as the best in the competition.

  • October 2010: First price as best guitarist in Ziua Chitarelor 3 competition, Bucarest ( Romania)
    judged by a prestigious jury that included Andreas Oberg, Michael Lee Feerkins, Stu Hamm, Dave
    Martone, Jennifer Batten, William Stravato, Damjan Pejcinosky, Fabrizio Dadò (Axemagazine),
    Corrado Sgandurra.

  • July 2009: Scholarship as best student at Berklee Umbria Jazz International Clinics in Perugia (Italy).
  • Patent for 'Gnazz Tap pick, a guitar pick specifically designed for two-handed technique on guitar,
    distributed by Essetipicks and M-Picks companies.
Live Experiences and Festivals
  • 17th of May 2013: Break in Jazz. Milan, Italy.

  • 10th to 13th of April 2013: Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013. Frankfurt, Germany.

  • 10th of March 2013: Milano Guitar Attack. Milan, Italy.

  • 21th to 31th of August 2012: Nuoro Jazz. Nuoro, Italy.

  • 29th of July 2012: Piazza Jazz. Piazza Armerina, Italy.

  • 11th of December 2011: Opening concert for Guthrie Govan. Woodstock Pub, Como, Italy.

  • 18th of May 2011: Break in Jazz. Milan, Italy.

  • 4th of March 2011: Milano Lattuada. Milan, Italy.

  • 7th of February 2011: Opening concert for Reb Beach (Whitesnake), Woodstock Pub, Como, Italy.

  • 30th of December 2009: Umbria Jazz Winter. Orvieto, Italy.

  • 9th of October 2010: Guitar Day. Milan, Italy.
  • I'm currently recording a solo album "A gift to the world" which will be released in December 2013.

  • Guitar solo on Mario Romano's album "Turn this way".

  • "A night of Change" single video-promo distributed by jamtrackcentral.com

  • "The rule of serendipity" single video-promo distributed by jamtrackcentral.com
  • Italian: native.

  • English

  • French

  • English language course at Kingstone University di Cambridge (July 2003)

  • Full time Course in English (Upper Intermediate level) at London Active Learning (July-August 2009)

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